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Opine Publishing - Publisher of Books, Adviser on Information and Story Development

Jim Purcell: "The tide may about to rise and lift this boat (Opine, 2005)." Reminiscing on African Queen.
The Mourner's Comforter by C.H. Spurgeon in 2007, published in collaboration with G.C. Primm, Spurgeon scholar
We are Opine Publishing
                                                   Jean Purcell, Founder, Publisher
Not All Roads Lead Home, (pen name, J. Bullard) 

At left, Carri Hesson, Opine Edit, Proof, Design, since 2000. Volunteer, Hands of Hope
At right, Exhausted Rapunzel, Deirdre Reilly. Noted by Midwest Book Review, 2003. Columnist, LA Post Examiner. A novel incubating.

Beryl Adamsbaum, Seeking God's Face; Only Believe

Mogama, Refugee Was My Name-Liberia
Carole Purcell, Perennial encourager and lover of medieval and U.S. history fiction/nonfiction books.

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