Friday, November 7, 2014

How to Get Away from Discouragement

A peaceful balcony, Aruba 2012

At this moment I would guess that there are writers experiencing emotions from high to somewhere in the neighborhood of blah. or worse.

The best emotions are like those I overheard at London's Gatwick Airport, as a woman whispered breathlessly, "My first book has just been accepted by a publisher!"

I wish all of us writers could have that kind of excitement every day. But we do not, and neither does that thrilled author at Gatwick. We go through ups and downs in life and work. We need rest and a change of scene, if we can get it. The scene above is one place I was privileged to relax and rest. Maybe the aqua water and palm tree view can please your eye and focus for a moment.

I can only share what Jesus Christ has done for me. He has also taught me about battling discouragement of any kind. Some of His unmatchable riches that I cherish appear below. Most are inspired by or directly from scriptures. If you are a discouraged Christian or writer today, I hope you will reflect and take comfort and also affirm the truth of these words for yourself.  

I have learned to dig deeply into who Jesus is and the good company of believers I am in, as a believer, for they have borne witness through generations of tumult, fire, and sword. 

You are beloved of God at this moment whether or not you are aware of it.

By faith in Jesus Christ, you have been saved, made whole, with the assurance of eternal life with God. 

You have Peace of Mind, and Christ is your Joy. 

Christ in you is the hope of glory.

He is the One against the discouragement that tries to Overtake  you.

Put on the whole Armor of Christ.

Wear it from Head to Feet, and Never give up putting it on daily.

Pray without ceasing.  

Be in Quietness with God, Trusting Him. In quietness and confidence (trust) is your strength.

God Helps and Upholds you by His Righteous right arm.

He Loves you with the Everlasting Love through Jesus the Savior of the World.

Christ has died -- on the cross for the sins of the world.
Christ is risen -- raised by God bodily, on the third day.  
Christ will come again -- as He has promised. 

A Cross stands over the world. Cling to the Crucified Lord by faith. Think on these things.

Lord, I believe. Help thou my unbelief.