Monday, February 18, 2013

Quick Quiz: Urgent Decisions about Book Planning

Discover Where to Focus Now
Quick Quiz 

I. Which one publishing route do you plan for your book?
Choose only one from the five options below:

a. Get an agent
b. Hook a publishing house editor
c. Self-publish as a printed book
d. Self-publish as e-book
d. Undecided for now

II. What is your most urgent need, regardless of the above answer? Choose only one, below:

a. Writing improvement
b. Study of proposal writing
c. Financial savvy
d. Marketing plan
e. Decision about direction of publication (I. above)
f. Specific cover design ideas

III. Assessment of how and why you made your choices, above

1. What was your first, quick, spontaneous guess at the right answer from a. through f., above?

2. Do you see a second possible correct answer? What is it? 

3. Clue: The correct answer is perhaps the least popular. Which do you think is the least popular or least attractive/common sense option from above list, a. - f.?   Why?

4. Info: I will write again soon, to give answers I recommend from my experience with publishing, editing, marketing, mentoring authors, and writing two editions of one book.

5. Something you might do: If you change your mind between now and when I post again on this subject, with the answers, try to follow what influenced your change of mind. 

6. Pros and Cons of Quiz options: If you have not yet studied the route you want your book to take, for successful future for it, do you know enough right now about the pros and cons of each choice you make? It may not fit what you want to focus on now. Yet, it might be the first priority on your list. (Do you have a priority list?)