Saturday, January 23, 2010

Are You in Partnership as a Christian Writer?

The apostle Paul wrote about being "in partnership with the gospel." Those were the ones he prayed for without ceasing. What does it mean to be in this kind of partnership? Have we thought much about this?

As writers, we are free to write about anything that can help others. That is my view. As lights in this world, when we give a cup of kindness, we give in the name of Jesus Christ, whom we follow and love. When we give a gallon of forgiveness, we give in the same Spirit.

To me, this is a mini-picture of what it means to be "in partnership with the gospel." We have learned kindness over reciprocity for hurt to us, and forgiveness over those who would seek our worst. Similarly, we hope for kindness and forgiveness from one another, for all of us "fall short of the gospel."

Does our writing reflect these principles that the Lord teaches us today?